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Our Story:

Four days after our wedding, we jumped into an RV and started traveling full-time.

Here’s a glimpse of the past few years:

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In 2014, we quit our jobs, bought an old RV and head west.

We were living in Texas and working office jobs we hated while we planned our wedding. Then one day the idea struck: what if we kicked off our marriage with a fifty state honeymoon?

Our friends and family thought we were crazy, but we knew we wanted more out of life than working jobs we hated in a city where we didn’t see ourselves living forever.

To make our fifty state honeymoon idea a little more feasible, Heath decided to work a job in each state as part of our documentary, Hourly America. He worked, Alyssa filmed, and we realized a few things…

After a year of living and traveling in an RV, we were in love with full-time travel.

But we had student debt and no experience running a remote business. Taking what we learned from filming our documentary, we started a video production business, a consulting business, and then a software business all from our RV as we figured out how to make money while traveling.

That’s when Heath started The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, sharing stories of nomadic entrepreneurs building mobile businesses.

How podcasting changed my life

As we continued traveling, we upgraded RVs to a Winnebago Brave. We needed a rig that had a little more space for us to run our businesses, plus our first RV was over twenty years old and couldn’t quite take the miles anymore.

We spent a year out west, spent a year out east, and kept traveling as much as we could. Along the way, we shared our story on our blog, podcast, and even a few Youtube videos.

That’s when Alyssa decided to write her first book, A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV, which would teach other wannabe travelers how to start RVing full-time.

The book was an instant best-seller, a testament to the fact that RVing is quickly becoming the coolest thing to do.

After spending the first four years of our marriage traversing America, we decided to broaden our horizons. And what better to start seeing the world than by RV?

We started in New Zealand, spending two months exploring what is known as the most RV-friendly (or campervan, as they call them) country in the world. We’ve RVed through five provinces in Canada and toured Italy last year—all while continuing to run our businesses.

We started the RV Entrepreneur community because we wanted to meet more people like us. People who wanted to travel and see the world, but also run their own business and have the freedom to own their days.

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50 Business Ideas for RV Entrepreneurs

The hardest part about traveling full-time is finding a way to support yourself on the road. With 150+ episodes of our RV Entrepreneur Podcast, we found there are 50 different types of businesses run by RVers.

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