Who Attends The RV Entrepreneur Summit?

Pet Sitter

Kathryn started her Happy Hound Pet Sitting when she was 15. Now nearly 10 years later, Kathryn runs her business with multiple employees remotely.


Professional photographers, Oscar and Liz started traveling full-time after attending their first RV Entrepreneur Summit in 2017.

Doctor and Podcaster

Sabrina is a locum tenens doctor, which means she travels and works from different hospitals all across the country. Kenny is the co-host of the Behind the Wheel Podcast. Together they are both brand ambassadors and bloggers for Winnebago.


Before hitting the road, Eric and Tami bought an existing business—TechnoRV. They’ve grown the business 16X all from their motorhome.


Software Developer and Blogger

Ashley runs the three blogs, including the popular RVinspiration.com, while Josiah owns a software app for real estate investing.