TST Truck
TST Truck


buy provigil generic online TST was established in 2007 because Federal Tire Pressure Monitoring Regulations did not include most powered RV vehicles. The result of which is numerous tire blowouts and safety hazards due to under-inflation or undetected air loss. TST has since expanded it’s systems to accommodate all sizes of towable R.V.’s, boat trailers, agricultural trailers, construction trailers, construction equipment and commercial transport vehicles.

In April of 2017, TST was acquired by Pressure Systems International, the worlds leader in automatic tire inflation. PSI brought their industry knowledge, technology and customer service to TST.  Within months, TST began it’s climb to number 1 in the TPMS industry. With the support and drive of their parent company, PSI, TST made major improvements in quality and durability allowing them to offer the industry’s longest and most comprehensive warranty, 3 full years.

Since their acquisition, TST has launched several new products: The industry’s only wide screen full color monitor as well as the industries only compact flow through sensor with a user replaceable battery. All sensors have been manufactured to have code lock, meaning the monitor will not forget the sensor at battery change. Performance has been enhanced by the inclusion of a repeater with every kit and the ability to mix multiple sensor types.