How To Partner With Brands In The Best Way Possible

School House
Bryce & Nellie have partnered with over 100 brands to generate multiple six-figures with their online brand, The Jurgys. In this session, they’re going to break down their entire process of connecting with a brand for the first time and turning it into a fruitful partnership (both financially and experience-wise).
Some questions you can expect to find answers to:
How Can I Start Working With _____ Brand?
How Can I Make A Campaign a WIN For A Brand?
How Can We Make More Money With Our Brand Deals/Partnerships – Even With A Small Following?
How Can I Grow My Audience/Community to Better Appeal to Brands?
How Can We Best Balance it all Working As a Family/Team?
Any other questions or struggles you have in this realm, bring them to the room and you can expect to leave with practical steps of application you can apply right away to start seeing results.