Zero to WordPress Hero

Goldenrod Room

Do you already have a website/blog, but it’s just blah and you want something new? Are you starting from scratch in the online space and want a shiny website?

In this workshop we’re going to go from Zero to WordPress Hero, so I’ll give you all the necessary tools to get your site up and running…literally from nothing to LIVE on the internet! Not only that, we’ll go through maintenance, security, backups, updates, etc. There is some pre-work to ensure we’re all starting on the same page, but you’ll get that ahead of time.

Before you arrive…

To make sure everyone starts on the same page, here’s a pre-work document to help you get your website started. Included are videos to help you get your website launched plus resources to help you create your logo, write your website copy, and find high quality photos for your website for free. Download the pre-work document here.

BONUS: I’ve been given permission from a premium theme developer to allow my students (you guys) to use my files for your sites (worth $129) for FREE!