Adam & Lindsey Nubern

Nuventure Travels

Hi! We’re Adam and Lindsey Nubern. We’ve been traveling the world full-time since 2014 living out of RVs, campervans, and backpacks.

We recently transitioned to having a base camp in Colorado. We’re on a mission to create a life of freedom to pursue our curiosities and do it being financially responsible living the way we want to live and saving the way we want to save. Before we started traveling, we paid off all of our debt, saved a $15K emergency fund, and saved $31K to travel with.

In our chat, we’ll talk about how to save a large amount of money to create a financial runway for yourself, how to manage your money each month to keep working toward your financial goals, how to save for the future, and how we supplement our income with credit card travel points. Adam is a Certified Public Accountant at NuventureCPA.com and Lindsey is an author and photographer at NuventureTravels.com. We’re excited to meet you!

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