Chad Davis


Chad is the co-founder of LiveCA, Canada’s largest CPA firm without a physical office. With over 60 full time CPA’s, bookkeepers and technologists, he manages it all from the road, living full-time with his wife and two young children.

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can follow their journey on Instagram here.

Chad’s Session: Creating a Reliable Workforce on the Road

The mindset, processes and tools used to grow a 60+ person remote CPA firm.

In this presentation, Chad will share the story of building his remote company and how he transitioned into full-time RV living with his family once it was at a size that worked for him. He’ll dive into the specific processes that helped the company grow and some of the specific software applications that assisted along the way.

I hope this presentation will give you some ideas to apply in your own business as you grow it on the road!

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