David Blackmon

David Blackmon is the co-founder of Aspen Grove Studios, a dynamic WordPress agency that creates both custom web solutions for clients as well as products that help DIY WordPress users build websites.

In 2017, Aspen Grove Studios expanded its brand and acquired Divi Space, a peer WordPress product development firm operating solely in the Divi arena of WordPress. 2018 sees Aspen Grove Studios expand further as a third WordPress company will be added to the growing portfolio.

In managing and growing two successful WordPress development businesses, David has plenty of experience in the digital marketing space, seeing both businesses accrue over 30,000 email subscribers and over 1 million page views. At this year’s RV Entrepreneur Summit, David will discuss the exact tactics he employed in his email marketing strategies to meet and exceed his business’ objectives.

An avid traveler and digital nomad, David, together with his wife Lisa have been RVing full-time from 2015, and have no plans in looking back!

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