Eric & Tina Oakley

Professional Disc Golfers

Eric and Tina Oakley have been traveling together in an RV for three years playing Disc Golf professionally. Tina owns a small business run both online and through face-to-face events throughout the year. Eric manages their travel plans and tour schedule. They both have different ways to make money while traveling but in most cases, they work together. Tina loves to adventure and Eric loves to play disc golf, together they have a cat that lives in the RV fulltime – Spout! They are excited to share their experiences with you through both stories of success and struggles.

Eric & Tina’s Session: Work Hard, But Stay Happy

Eric and Tina will take you through the beginning, middle and now of how they began life on the road, what helped them stay out there, and some of the struggles they had to overcome. Whether you already have a business, or are looking at how you can travel, they hope to bring you some inspiration and some helpful advice that they learned the hard way. Both are professional Disc Golfers which brings information on getting sponsorships to help pay for gas and necessities. They also set up events in different communities all over the country.

Tina runs an online AND face to face business selling a small product and is in year 5 of the business with all kinds of small business experience. Eric is a talker/socializer which helps getting outside support for travels and brings a whole lot of personality to their Youtube channel. We’ll walk you through a lot of the different ways we make money on the road with an emphasis on making sure your original dream of freedom stays alive!

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