Kevin and Mandy Holesh


Hi, I am Mandy. I am a creative who has had countless random jobs and loves to try new things, but currently I am working as a photographer and jewelry maker/designer. My best friend and husband Kevin, is an awesome person and is one of the smartest people I know. If he doesn’t know how it works, he will figure it out. He started to teach himself how to code on a computer as a teenager, and has since built many websites and multiple apps. His current app, Moment, is what he is working on, and it is a huge success. We are so excited to chat with you all, and hope to get to know you better!

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The Success and Struggles of Working for Yourself

Doors Open: Main Stage Sessions

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Friday’s Main Stage Presentations: The Grand Canyon:  A 12 Year Old’s Record Setting Kayak Adventure Listen to how Abby Holcombe set the world record for the youngest person to ever kayak the Grand Canyon. Building a Business Around Your Values Jill Sessa returns to the stage to teach on how to build a business that […]