Less Junk, More Journey

Life was good, but we knew there was more. More than keeping up with the Jones’s and the daily grind. We wanted a life of adventure and memories.
After the birth of our daughter in 2014, she was the spark that ignited that dream into reality. As parents, we wanted more time as a family and the idea to downsize was born as well. As we made the decision to sell the house, we came across a video of the idea of putting our tiny home on wheels and traveling. It was the perfect solution for our desire of an epic journey and family time.
After a year of preparation, we sold most of our stuff, moved into an RV and hit the open road in 2015. Because video was such an inspiration for our own journey, we started a YouTube channel called “Less Junk, More Journey”. Our channel shows the ups and downs of RVing and paves the way for others to trade junk for journey.
With almost 3 years of Full-time RV Living under our belt, we couldn’t be more free. Our journey keeps us moving ahead and keeping up with the Jones’s is now a thing of the past.

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