Marc and Alowetta have been running their own businesses for over 16 years—spending the last 6 traveling full-time in their RV. Can you be intentional and still be spontaneous?

buy Clomiphene online europe How crazy do you have to be to be married, in business together, and living in less than 350 square feet?

We’re just a couple of regular people who decided to virtualize their business and hit the road before it was too late!

In more than 38 years of marriage, we’ve found living intentionally and spontaneously not as two separate things, but rather the balance of personality, desire, and reality.

We’ve been employees and employers, and with more than 16 years of sharing business ownership under our belt, we believe intention can help drive the success of any marriage/business relationship.

Now in our sixth year of traveling full-time in our 40-ft motorhome while still operating that business, we look at how intentionality helped us get on the road, and spontaneity has helped us stay on the road.

Do we know it all? Not by a long shot.

Has it happened to us? Probably.

What can we tell you about living, working, and traveling together? Maybe a few things which could be useful to your journey.

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