Mike & Jennifer Wendland

RV Lifestyle

For over 40 years Mike was one of the world’s most traveled journalists. He has won over 18 Emmy awards, honors from the Associated Press, he has reported all over the world and has a longtime running segment on NBC-TV since 1994 titled PC Mike which gets distributed to over 215 stations each week.

Eight years ago he hit the road with his wife Jennifer and started a little blog called RV Lifestyle (previously Roadtreking) to document their travels across North America. As of today, it’s become one of the most popular RV blogs on the internet as Mike and Jennifer share stories from people all over the country and document the RV lifestyle. It’s been joined by their weekly RV Podcast, their YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel, and a series of RV Adventure and Boondocking Guides

Main Stage: How the RV Lifestyle Ruined our Retirement (but brought us balance, joy and community!)

Mike and Jennifer Wendland are starting their 9th year on the road, after Mike’s long and successful career as a journalist. What started as a casual blog for friends and family has blossomed into a multi-platformed digital industry that now includes a podcast, a popular YouTube Channel, a weekly newsletter and a growing series10 RV Travel Adventure Guides covering every segment of North America. Mike and Jennifer share their nomadic success story on how working smarter and living serendipitously has brought them a community of more than 700,000 followers and a life of purpose and adventure.


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