Nikki Kirk

Your Selling Guide

Nikki Kirk is a digital nomad who has traveled all over the United States in an RV, officially visiting state number 48 in September of 2021.


In June of 2017, she started her Amazon selling business from the RV and in 2018, after seeing how successful and relatively easy it was to start and run, began to tell others through social media.

In 2019, Nikki began creating dedicated YouTube videos to further help educate new sellers in the Retail Arbitrage model.

Today, in addition to her Amazon business, she also runs a successful online teaching company, Your Selling Guide, which helps Amazon sellers in all aspects of their business so that they too can create and experience the freedoms and lifestyles they want through selling on Amazon.


Nikki is also the co-founder of the digital nomad and RV magazines, Rootless Living and RV Today.


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