Tom Kenemore

Abu Dhabi Enjoy The Journey.Life

http://mccallsnurseries.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http:/mccallsnurseries.com/ Tom is a father, occasional runner and hiker, author, serial entrepreneur and full-time RVer.

http://tempforcegainesville.com/about/temptalk/wp-content/uploads/TempForce-Timesheet_UPDATED-05212014.pdf In 2017, Tom and Cheri started Enjoythejourney.life, not having any idea that it would grow into one of the top RV living YouTube channels.

Tom is ‘mountain tribe’ and Cheri is ‘beach tribe’ which creates a fun competition for their channel community.

Tom says speaking to RV entrepreneurs is like combining two of his biggest passions and he can’t wait to see everyone at the RV Entrepreneur Summit.


Connect with Tom & Cheri at http://enjoythejourney.life/

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