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Over the past few years, a new generation of RVers has emerged. This community of travelers isn’t aiming to retire in an RV as an end to their career, but instead are using RVs as a launching point, mobile office, and home on wheels.


The RV Entrepreneur Roundtable brings together this community to help teach them the skills they need to grow a business on the road. Our conference is four days of roundtable discussion, workshops and meetups all geared towards connecting like-minded travelers and helping them succeed at RV life.

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1. Connect with a Growing Community of RV Entrepreneurs. Our attendees represent a growing community of travelers and digital nomads. They hack together office setups, experiment with Wi-Fi solutions and come up with unique ideas for how to improve the entire RV experience. By sponsoring the RVE Roundtable you’re able to get up close and engage with your customers, and influencers.

2. Share Your Company’s Products or Service in an Intimate Setting. We only work with a small number of sponsors for our RV Entrepreneur Roundtable. We’ve worked hard to create trust within our community, so our attendees know that if we’re partnering with a sponsor, they are providing something of real value. Because of this, all of our sponsors have a real chance of connecting with our attendees in a meaningful and impactful way.

3. Find Content Creators for Your Brand. If you have an adventure or outdoor brand, our conference attracts a highly curated community of bloggers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and content creators. By sponsoring the RVE Roundtable you have a unique opportunity to build relationships with attendees who can create authentic content for your brand.


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Download the complete Sponsorship Package Media Kit

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