Vendors & Services

In addition to the weekend’s packed schedule, we’ve set up a few additional services to make your weekend at the Summit even more enjoyable.

For Kids

Every year, we get a lot of questions about there is to do for family members who are not attending the Summit. So we asked the State Park to plan a few activities for families throughout the week. You can download the State Park activity schedule here.

Dog Walking & Dog Sitting with Kathryn Cockrell (additional cost)

Kathryn, owner of Happy Hound Pet Setting and RVE alum, will be offering services for your dogs throughout the week! This way your dog can have some exercise, even if you’re busy going to sessions throughout the day. She’s offering a $5 discount to everyone in the RVE family 🙂
To book dog sitting or dog walking, you can schedule a time using the Handlr app.
  1. Download the app:
    For iPhone
    For Android
  2. Using the state park’s zip code (35976), search for Happy Hound.
  3. Click the green heart in the top right corner of the app to schedule an appointment or message Kathryn.
  4. Create an account and pay right in the app!
Tax Consultations with Heather Ryan (additional cost)
One of the biggest struggles as an RV Entrepreneur is navigating taxes while running a location independent business. Heather Ryan, as a full-timer herself, specializes in working with businesses run by RVers. You can sign up for a time slot with the “Tax Queen” and get personalized answers to questions related to:
  • Tax planning
  • Tax savings through converting a business to an S-corp
  • Understanding LLC, partnership, S-corp, sole proprietor
  • Self-employment tax obligations
  • Multi-state taxes
  • Basic bookkeeping

Dining at The Lodge 

Don’t want to cook every day? The Pinecrest Dining Room at the Lodge serves daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner (view Pinecrest Dining menus here). The Hickory Lounge, just across from Pinecrest, also serves burgers, salads, appetizers, and drinks (see the Hickory Lounge menu here).

For more restaurants nearby, see our Things To Do page on the website.

Lodge Fitness Center

On the lower level of the Lodge, there is a small fitness center and sauna available for lodge and campground guests. (Kids under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.)