One of our favorite parts of the RVE Summit is hearing what awesome projects and businesses attendees are building or dreaming of starting.

Things like launching a brand new magazine (Richard), expanding your business to a new market (Kathryn), visiting every national park, monument, historic site and so on in the country (Diana and Matt).

Since hearing about your big dreams and goals is our favorite part of the weekend, we want to do something special to highlight your ideas and future business projects.

This year on Saturday night in front of the entire conference, we want to give you an opportunity to share a big idea you’re working to bring to life.

But we need your help in order to do this.

Share Your Big Idea with Us

Whether you have a business you want to start, a specific travel goal you’re working towards (ex: visiting all the national parks), a documentary you want to make, or a specific reason why you’re working toward this lifestyle — we want to hear about it.

No matter if you’ve been on the road for two years or haven’t bought your RV yet. Whether you aren’t exactly sure about your business idea or if you’ve been running your business for months now. We want to hear about what you’re working on and what you’re doing to make it happen.

Why Share Your Idea?

We know what we’re asking is a little scary. You have this big dream you’ve been keeping close to your chest and it’s scary as all get out to admit it out loud, none the less in front of 350 people.

But one thing we’ve realized from previous RVE Summits is that when you share ideas out in the open, they start to gain legs. You find collaborators or people who can step in and help support you in unique ways that you hadn’t even thought possible.

Ideas are something we want to foster at RVE, but better than hearing your ideas is seeing our community take action. By speaking out about your future business idea, Youtube channel, jewelry line, software startup, you’re actively committing to bring it into the world.

By taking this first step (or second, or third, depending on what stage you’re in) you can give your fellow attendees an opportunity to rally behind you and support what you’re doing.

How to Participate:

Since we’ll be putting together a video of submissions, we need you to send us over your idea in video form. We don’t need anything fancy! A simple selfie video on your phone or sitting in front of the computer video is just fine.

Please submit a link to your video here. So that we can access the video file easily, I recommend uploading to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Youtube.

Video length: 2-3 minutes in length (please don’t send anything much longer than this)

What to share in the video:

  • – A brief intro to who you are
  • – What project or idea you want to bring to life (and why you’re excited about it)
  • – What progress you have made so far
  • – What (if anything) is holding you back
  • – Any plans you have for bringing your idea to life

Deadline for submission: Extended: Friday, March 8th

How We’ll Share Your Video:

While we won’t be able to share every story, we’re putting together a highlight video to share on Saturday night after our keynote speaker that features as many attendee stories as we can!


My idea is just in the idea phase, is it okay to share?

Absolutely! We want to know about your idea, no matter what stage it’s in.

I’ve already started my project or business, can I still submit?

Yes absolutely!

I actually don’t plan on running a business on the road, but have a travel project I’m working on. Is that what you’re looking for?