Why We Decided to Host an RV Entrepreneur Summit

Last year, Heath came to me with a crazy idea to host a conference for RVers. But not your classic RVer—just weird people like us who want to travel and build a business all at once. I thought he was insane, because well most of Heath’s ideas are insane. But the more we talked about, the more excited we were.

So we started putting plans in motion, mentioned it to a few key people we thought might be interested and decided to give it a go. We thought we could sell about 30 tickets, after all there aren’t THAT many people weird enough to want to live on a home on wheels full-time.

But the joke was on us, because our little 30-person conference ballooned to a full-scale 120 person conference. We were shocked (and confused and stressed at the thought of trying to pull this whole thing together in less than two months!).

That weekend in February was easily the highlight of our RVing journey. We met so many people who were just like us, with the same struggles, the same dreams, the same hilarious stories of what it was like telling our friends and family we were moving into a van down by the river. We drank wine, roasted s’mores, and listened to some incredible speakers share their stories and business advice with us all.

We watched 120 strangers all become a small community of RV entrepreneurs.

Before the weekend was over, Heath and I knew this couldn’t be our only gathering. We found something special and we needed to see where it would go next.

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