A conference for nomadic entrepreneurs

The RV Entrepreneur Summit is a 4-day business conference specifically designed for RVers. 

The conference consists of workshops, meet ups, and main stage talks all geared towards helping you start & grow a business that fuels a life of travel.

We bring together the smartest travelers we know to teach their expertise on topics like building your first mobile business, creating a team, scaling your company, blogging, photography, and more. We aim to find speakers from a variety of different careers and industries so no matter what type of business you’re pursuing, you can learn something new. 



$97 Virtual Tickets
  • Access to live videos of our main stage talks and hands-on workshops
  • Video replays will be available following the conference
  • Bonus courses and meetup access
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2020 Theme: Find Your Balance

Being an RV Entrepreneur comes with an almost built-in contradiction, doesn’t it?

We want freedom. Being an entrepreneur gives us flexibility. Living lightly and being on the road does, too.

But being an entrepreneur is also about building something bigger.

As you start to see more and more freedom in your lifestyle, you have an ongoing challenge: Do you spend all your time exploring new places or do you put your head back down and work toward building the thing that you want to see in the world and creating more sustainable income?

There’s a tension between these two driving factors as an entrepreneur and as a human — to enjoy life in the moment or build something bigger.

Heath wrote more about this tension on the blog last year (and that was before Ellie was in the picture) and it’s something we talk about often as a team. This question of balance has been an important one for the RVE community which is why we’ve chosen to highlight it as our theme for 2020.

What Past Attendees Have to Say

“Whoa! Blown away! Major thank you to Heath Padgett and Alyssa Padgett for getting us all together! We left with overflowing-full hearts and spirits from sharing the weekend with y’all. We’ve been traveling for 4 years and it can be really lonely. We finally met our people and we’re so excited to stay in touch with yall and meet up with you on the road.” —Lindsey N.

“In our four years and 75,000 miles of RV travel and attendance at numerous small and large RV rallies, we’ve had a lot of great experiences. But our recent weekend at the inaugural RV Entrepreneur Summit was the over the moon best.” —Don Cohen, WinnebagoLife

“I have a head full of so much information but the evening keynotes have been blowing my mind and filling up my heart and soul at a much-needed time. I’ve been choked up or in tears so many times this weekend, always in a good way. It’s so good to get a reminder that there are people out there lifting each other up and all working toward a common goal of living an intentional life.”
—Sarah K.

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$97 Virtual Tickets
  • Access to live videos of our main stage talks and hands-on workshops
  • Video replays will be available following the conference
  • Bonus courses and meetup access
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View all our FAQs here.

Are you canceling the event because of coronavirus?

Yes, our in-person experience is canceled. Please see this page for updates and what we are doing to make the best of our current situation.

When and where is the RV Entrepreneur Summit? 

RVE 2020 will be held at Lake Guntersville State Park on March 19-22. Pre-conference festivities will kick off on March 16th, for you early arrivals!

Does my ticket include my campsite?

No. Since not all attendees are in RVs, we do not book your accommodations for you. You can view camping and hotel options here.

Can I buy a single day pass if I only want to attend half the conference? 

No, we are only selling tickets for the full four days. No day passes or partial tickets will be issued. 

Are tickets per person or per RV? 

Tickets are per person for this event. Because not all attendees live in RVs, we do not include accommodations in your ticket price. Accommodations must be booked separately. 

Can I attend if I don’t have an RV? 

Of course you can attend! We have attendees from their teens to their 70s who attend, and roughly half of all attendees are full-timers. You’ll fit in no matter what. Hotel, cabin, and tent sites are available onsite for non-RVers

When should I arrive? 

If you’re bringing your home on wheels, many attendees stay for a full week to enjoy time with community and pre-conference activities. If you’re flying in or staying at the Lodge, you can attend the full conference by arriving Thursday morning and leaving Sunday night.

You can check out the schedule for the week of the event here.

Is this an event just for young, old, middle-aged, retired, or non-retired people? 

Of course not. This conference is for people who value travel, freedom, and the ability to earn a living from anywhere. This is what brings us together, age or working status doesn’t matter whatsoever. 

Is there a place I can work on-site? 

Yes! We will have a co-working room set up at the campground. It will be open the week preceding the conference and remain open throughout the weekend. 

Are tickets refundable? 

Yes, we will accept refunds up to 60 days prior to the event—January 19, 2020.

View more FAQs here.


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