The RV Entrepreneur Summit

When you think full-time travel, it’s easy to picture sipping tropical drinks in coconuts under palm trees, picnicking next to rushing rivers flowing past staggering mountain peaks, or driving with the open road stretching out for miles in front of you.

At least, that’s what we pictured.

But every day as a traveler doesn’t look like that.

Most days look like this:

Sitting inside working on a laptop…alone.

We spent our first two years of travel just like this. Sure, we met up with friends and family across the country during our travels. But we didn’t have a community. People who got it, who understood our lifestyle and our struggles. 

We were lonely. 

We didn’t know anyone else who was crazy enough to attempt traveling full-time while running their own business. Call it location independence, being a digital nomad or an “RV entrepreneur.” We were doing it alone and knew we needed a community—so we built one. 

Heath started The RV Entrepreneur Podcast and Facebook group—a way for us to connect and learn from other people running businesses from their RVs. Finally, we were meeting other people who were not just traveling, but trying to build and run a business on spotty wifi in between hikes at national parks. 

We were making friends, but it was all online. We still felt lonely.

A friend suggested we host a conference for RVers like us. 

“A conference? RVers don’t have conferences. They have rallies and meetups and shows.”

But our fellow RV entrepreneurs encouraged us, some of them even offering to speak and share their stories. All we had to do was plan the weekend.

And so was built the RV Entrepreneur Summit.

We found our people. 

People who understood why we quit our jobs and moved into an RV. People who had also parked in Starbucks parking lot mooching off the free wifi because they needed to make a video call and people who woke up early to get in a few hours of work before spending the rest of the day kayaking down a river. 

Together, we spent the weekend listening to speakers share their stories from the main stage and teach their craft in workshops. We connected over dinner and campfires and on sunset hikes. 

We met our best friends that weekend.

So we hosted another RVE Summit.

And another.

Growing each year by over 100 attendees. This year will be our 5th and final RVE event.

But in 2021 we are scaling things back from 400 attendees to something a little more intimate, limiting attendance to around 100 campers. 

The RV Entrepreneur Summit

The RV Entrepreneur Summit is a business conference for RVers. The four-day event consists of main stage talks from experienced entrepreneurs, workshops to learn practical business skills, and meet ups led by fellow attendees on the topics that interest them most—from real estate investing to yoga to van life.

But most of all, the RVE Summit exists to give fellow RVers what we craved so much during our first years on the road:


A place to belong. To make friends. And to walk away equipped to run a thriving business on the road. 


The three core principles that guide how we run our conference

VALUE #1: Community

Our community of nomadic entrepreneurs is very much a small population of people across the country.

While this community is growing like crazy, we rarely get a chance to connect with others who understand why we chose this lifestyle and the struggles/joys of this life.

During an in-person event like the RV Entrepreneur Summit, we’re able to bring all of these people into one campground. We don’t have to try and explain why it’s not crazy to want to live, work and travel the country in an RV. Everyone already understands and wants to support others in the lifestyle. This community can help give us strength and accountability when we need it.

VALUE #2: Actionable Knowledge

Our goal when recruiting speakers is to assemble a group of diverse experts from a variety of different fields from tech to photography to content creation.

We work hard to make sure every main stage session, every workshop, and every meet up provides inspiration and tactical advice so that when you leave, you’re well-equipped to grow your business.

VALUE #3: Fun!

So many business conferences are all business, no play. We live in RVs and the whole point is to blend these two things together and live a happy and successful life (whatever that means to you).

This is why we kick-off and close each Summit with live music, games, and drinks to remind you that work can and should be fun too! Plus, we’ll have guided hikes and other fun surprises throughout the weekend. We just can’t tell you all about it yet. That’s part of the fun! 

What Past Attendees Have to Say

“Whoa! Blown away! Major thank you to Heath Padgett and Alyssa Padgett for getting us all together! We left with overflowing-full hearts and spirits from sharing the weekend with y’all. We’ve been traveling for 4 years and it can be really lonely. We finally met our people and we’re so excited to stay in touch with yall and meet up with you on the road.” —Lindsey N.

“In our four years and 75,000 miles of RV travel and attendance at numerous small and large RV rallies, we’ve had a lot of great experiences. But our recent weekend at the inaugural RV Entrepreneur Summit was the over the moon best.” —Don Cohen, WinnebagoLife

“I have a head full of so much information but the evening keynotes have been blowing my mind and filling up my heart and soul at a much-needed time. I’ve been choked up or in tears so many times this weekend, always in a good way. It’s so good to get a reminder that there are people out there lifting each other up and all working toward a common goal of living an intentional life.” 
—Sarah K.

Who Attends The RV Entrepreneur Summit?

Pet Sitter

Kathryn started her Happy Hound Pet Sitting when she was 15. Now nearly 10 years later, Kathryn runs her business with multiple employees remotely.



Professional photographers, Oscar and Liz started traveling full-time after attending their first RV Entrepreneur Summit in 2017. 


Doctor and Podcaster

Sabrina is a locum tenens doctor, which means she travels and works from different hospitals all across the country. Kenny is the co-host of the Behind the Wheel Podcast. Together they are both brand ambassadors and bloggers for Winnebago.


Before hitting the road, Eric and Tami bought an existing business—TechnoRV. They’ve grown the business 16X all from their motorhome.




Software Developer and Blogger

Ashley runs the three blogs, including the popular, while Josiah owns a software app for real estate investing.

I didn't read any of that. Give me the highlights!

The RV Entrepreneur Summit is a 4-day business conference specifically designed for RVers.

The conference consists of workshops, meet ups, and main stage talks all geared towards helping you start & grow a business that fuels a life of travel. We bring together the smartest full-time travelers we know to teach their expertise on topics like scaling your business, outsourcing, building a website, becoming a professional photographer, and more.

You know what? Just watch the video:

You can glimpse at the week’s schedule here or look at this year’s speaker line up here.

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