The RV Entrepreneur Summit

The RV Entrepreneur Summit is a 4-day business conference specifically designed for RVers.

The conference consists of workshops, meet ups, and main stage talks all geared towards helping you start & grow a business that fuels a life of travel. We bring together the smartest full-time travelers we know to teach their expertise on topics like scaling your business, outsourcing, building a website, becoming a professional photographer, and more.

We aim to find speakers from a variety of different careers and industries so no matter what type of business you’re pursuing, you can learn something new.

RVE Summit Backstory

Back in 2016, Heath came to me with a crazy idea to host a conference for RVers.

But not your classic RVer—just weird people like us who want to travel and build a business all at once. I thought he was insane, because well most of Heath’s ideas are insane.

But the more we talked about, the more excited we were.

So we started putting plans in motion, mentioned it to a few key people we thought might be interested and decided to give it a go. We thought we could sell about 30 tickets, after all there aren’t THAT many people weird enough to want to live on a home on wheels full-time.

But the joke was on us, because our little 30-person conference ballooned to a full-scale 120 person conference.

We were shocked (and confused and stressed at the thought of trying to pull this whole thing together in less than two months!). That weekend in February was easily the highlight of our RVing journey. We met so many people who were just like us, with the same struggles, the same dreams, the same hilarious stories of what it was like telling our friends and family we were moving into a van down by the river. We drank wine, roasted s’mores, and listened to some incredible speakers share their stories and business advice with us all. We watched 120 strangers all become a small community of RV entrepreneurs.

Before the weekend was over, Heath and I knew this couldn’t be our only gathering. We found something special and we needed to see where it would go next.

2019 will be our third annual RV Entrepreneur Summit. This year we’re moving from Texas to Lake Guntersville, Alabama—a gorgeous state park where every RV site is waterfront. 

The conference is a four-day event with main stage speakers, workshops, and attendee-led meetups. Our goal for the conference is that you walk away equipped with knowledge and inspiration to grow your business.

Beyond what you’ll learn, a major value of the RVE Summit is community. There are community building activities the week leading up to the Summit, plus parties and opportunities to connect with fellow nomadic entrepreneurs throughout the week. You can glimpse at the week’s schedule here.


The three core principles that guide how we run our conference

VALUE #1: Community

Our community of nomadic entrepreneurs is very much a small population of people across the country.

While this community is growing like crazy, we rarely get a chance to connect with others who understand why we chose this lifestyle and the struggles/joys of this life.

During an in-person event like the RV Entrepreneur Summit, we’re able to bring all of these people into one campground. We don’t have to try and explain why it’s not crazy to want to live, work and travel the country in an RV. Everyone already understands and wants to support others in the lifestyle. This community can help give us strength and accountability when we need it.

VALUE #2: Actionable Knowledge

Our goal when recruiting speakers is to assemble a group of diverse experts from a variety of different fields from tech to photography to content creation.

We work hard to make sure every main stage session, every workshop, and every meet up provides inspiration and tactical advice so that when you leave, you’re well-equipped to grow your business.

VALUE #3: Fun!

So many business conferences are all business, no play. We live in RVs and the whole point is to blend these two things together and live a happy and successful life (whatever that means to you).

This is why we kick-off and close each Summit with live music, games, and drinks to remind you that work can and should be fun too! Plus, we’ll have guided hikes and other fun surprises throughout the weekend. We just can’t tell you all about it yet. That’s part of the fun! 

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