The RV Entrepreneur is all about community, education, and helping others begin and enhance their journey towards earning income while enjoying their time on the road. In this space, we’ll offer and promote educational courses and instruction that we feel will add great value to your journey.


Introducing, The Roadpreneur

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The Roadpreneur Community

This exciting monthly membership brings RVers and entrepreneurs together for community, coaching, and copy/content marketing templates and strategies. A new set of templates and/or strategies is released each month. There is a private group for members to connect, collaborate, and collectively set goals, and receive live coaching where members can submit questions and have them answered live.

Get The Support You Need

As you start to put yourself out there, you’re going to want a support network that can offer encouragement as you jump over hurdles of brain fog, self-doubt, and content creation fatigue.

Get The Knowledge You Need

Shorten the learning curve, save time writing, gain more confidence in your marketing, and save your sanity by setting up your business to thrive — even while you travel.

Check Out the Roadpreneur Community Today

If building your own business while on the road traveling is your goal, it’s time to start learning from someone that has done it. Stop waiting and learn more, right now. The Roadpreneur Community will give you the tools, training, and fresh templates each month to keep your business moving, and your RV rolling!

Start learning from the Roadpreneur right now by clicking HERE.

The Roadpreneur School

Are you loving your entrepreneurial life on the road, but feel like you have hit a dead spot?
Have you done everything you were supposed to do but your business has stopped growing?

Maybe it’s not the methods that are stopping you from growing. Maybe it’s your message. Whether you’re selling a dynamite physical product, photography, coaching, or a course, your words will electrify your sales around the clock — not just where you show up online.

Grow Your Business

The Roadpreneur School will show you how to create conversion copy, so you can finally go from fledgling to flourishing in your business — without sacrificing travel, adventure, or outdoor experiences. Business woman, RVer, and entrepreneur Kimberly Crossland will help you take your business to the next level.

The Roadpreneur School is a high-touch group program where Kimberly takes you through three core tenets of building a successful business on the road — conceptualizing your business model, crafting copy and content that sells, and systematizing the business for the nomadic lifestyle. Learn More about The Roadpreneur School

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