Frequently Asked Questions


When is the next RV Entrepreneur Summit? 


We will announce dates, location, and ticket sales this summer! 

Can I buy a single day pass if I only want to attend half the conference? 

No, we are only selling tickets for the full four days. No day passes or partial tickets will be issued. 

Can I attend if I don’t have an RV? 

Of course you can attend! We have attendees ages 21-72 signed up to attend this year’s conference and roughly half of all attendees are full-timers.

Are tickets per person or per RV? 

Tickets are per person for this event. 

Is this an event just for young, old, middle-aged, retired, or non-retired people? 

Of course not. This conference is for people who value travel, freedom, and the ability to earn a living from anywhere. This is what brings us together, age doesn’t matter whatsoever. 

Are tickets refundable? 

We will accept refunds up to one month before the event. However, since tickets are limited we ask that you be respectful of other attendees. Please only purchase a ticket if you plan on coming to the event. 



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