11 Habits To Avoid As A Nomadic Entrepreneur

Discover the worst habits to avoid if you’re an entrepreneur hoping to succeed on the road of life. The RV Entrepreneur podcast host Rose Willard speaks from years of nomadic business experience.

Are you currently starting or growing a business? What characteristics are important for you to avoid to be successful in your entrepreneurial endeavor?

There are several bad habits to avoid that will sabotage any entrepreneur regardless whether he or she is nomadic or stationary.

My husband and I learned some of these from our mentors and other traits through trial and error when building our first business. We embraced any mistake we made, course corrected and then applied the lessons learned going forward. 

The Successful Entrepreneur Knows These Habits to Avoid

So just what are these entrepreneur habits to avoid?

Trying To Impress Others Will Get You Nowhere

Many of us are guilty of having something or doing something to impress others, but this philosophy will quickly earn you a ticket to “Lonelyville.”

No one cares what you drive, the type of RV you have or how much revenue your business generates. Screaming “look at me” to your counterparts will not only soil their perception of you, but it will also waste valuable time that could be used growing your business. 

The bottom line, no one likes a show off! Do your best to remain humble, no matter your success.

Manufacturing Potential Problems That Don’t Yet Exist

It’s easy to manufacture potential problems, issues, or complaints that might occur when you own a small business.

I’m not talking about reviewing business practices to eliminate potential liabilities leading to injury or litigation. Rather, I’m speaking about constantly seeking the potential negative outcome. 

For example, if I put myself out there as a guest on podcasts, I might sound silly or come off as an imposter to the industry. This is no different than the child that doesn’t try a sport or activity because she has “stage fright” or a fear of being injured.

Instead, approach decisions from the perspective of what all the potential positive outcomes might occur.

Allowing Individuals Who Drag You Down Into Your Life

We all know someone in our life who is a “negative Nellie.” You know, that individual who poo poos everything, and points out all the negatives. She will openly tell you why you shouldn’t make a particular decision.

You don’t have time for these kinds of individuals. Make it a point to avoid them or at least limit your exposure. You need all the energy you can get to run a business from the road. Allowing a “negative Nellie” to drain your energy will only harm your business potential.

More habits to avoid include…

Constantly Asking For Permission

It’s not necessary to consult with every person on the planet before making a business decision.

You’re the person in charge of your business. Make a decision and stick with it. You don’t need a parents’ or friends’ permission to make you feel better about your decision.

The less time you spend weighing the pros and cons or asking for permission for a decision, the more time you have to execute the necessary steps. You’ll also have more time to course-correct if necessary.

You don’t need permission to run your business. Take the reins and move forward.

habits to avoid
What habits can you change to succeed on the road of life?

Spending Too Much Time With Screen Consumption

It takes a lot of willpower today to avoid the addiction gripping so many with screen time. It doesn’t help you relax. It might feel like it, but neurally speaking, it’s only hurting you.

Social media screen time for the sake of consumption also takes important time away from running and growing your business.

If you are producing when you’re using a screen and it’s for business promotion, that’s a different story. Just make sure you’re analyzing your activity to figure out what to produce for the best ROI. This way you can use your screen time efficiently. 

You View Your Role As The Supporting Actor

What do I mean by this? Let me give you an example. Look back on your life and imagine that right now is the end of your life’s movie. Would you be listed in the credits as the lead actress or the supporting actor?

Did you make most of the decisions and take noticeable action? Or did you wait for others to take action and then join them.

Remember, you’re the one writing the script for your life’s movie. Put yourself in the role of the lead actor and take real action. Lead rather than follow.

Relying On Unhealthy Vices

Poor coping mechanisms are some of the most important habits to avoid – for your success, and your health. Relying on drugs or alcohol to “calm the nerves” is no way to treat your body or get ahead in business. It’s difficult enough running a business from the road. 

Alcohol does not help you sleep. In fact it disrupts REM and deep sleep, making you feel unrested and agitated in the morning. 

Unhealthy vices also include consuming excess junk food. You can’t be at the top of your game when your body is running on “low octane” junk fuel.

Eat well, exercise and get outside to clear your mind. It will make you sharper in business and communication.

Losing Your Temper Frequently

I’m sure you have been around someone who has lost their temper, making everyone around them uncomfortable. What did you think of that person? I’m sure it didn’t include any positive thoughts.

Losing your temper around business associates, customers or leads is a sure way to harm your business. It’s ugly and childish. It demonstrates an inability to control emotions and very few people want to do business with someone who cannot control their emotions.

Pause, take a breath, a timeout, and refocus. Then, consider these final habits to avoid…

Living In Fear

Being afraid is fine (and healthy) for any individual. What matters is how we manage that fear. 

If fear prevents you from taking a calculated risk that may move your business forward, the business will likely never grow. 

Accept that fear is a normal part of life and business and push past it, allowing your nomadic business to reach new heights. That sounds cliche, but the statement has real merit.

Slow To Make Decisions

Taking imperfect action in any business allows you to out-produce the competition. Evaluate as you go and course-correct if necessary. 

Weighing all the options, being wishy-washy and delaying a decision just so it’s perfect will leave you in the dust (literally). Indecision will get you nowhere fast!

Every successful business owner I know makes rapid decisions and moves on rather than delaying. 

Treating Busy Work Like Productive Work

For many, busy work that can be outsourced makes one feel productive. But very little of the busy work moves the business forward. 

The idea is to generate profitable revenue in business and that will only occur if you allocate your resources toward what grows the business. Answering emails, drafting social media posts, etc., will not directly generate income. 

Growing a marketing campaign, reaching out to leads and closing deals is the best use of a nomadic business owner’s time. Outsource the “busy-work” as soon as you can in any business.

Rose Willard