Expanding Your Vision and Making Entrepreneurship Feel Easy – RVE 303

Expanding Your Vision: Have you felt stuck? Hesitant? Unsure? This episode is for you! On today’s episode, I (Kimberly Crossland) chat with full-time RV entrepreneur, Coach Jackie. Coach Jackie is a freedom mentor who helps others find their magic and create ways to be more free in their work. Through her support, she is helping others expand their vision, build their belief system, strengthen their mindset, and then build the financial plan to take the big leap into a freedom-filled lifestyle.

Expanding Your Vision and Making Entrepreneurship Feel Easy

With Coach Jackie

Your Host: Kimberly Crossland

Connect with Coach Jackie here: https://www.facebook.com/jackiecotecoaching

Check out Coach Jakie’s website here: jackiecotecoaching.com

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The RV Entrepreneur #303 Full Episode Transcript:

Expanding Your Vision and Making Entrepreneurship Feel Easy with Coach Jackie

RV LIFE: Welcome to the RV Entrepreneur podcast. The weekly show for Nomads, Work campers, RV ers and entrepreneurs looking to earn a living or build a business while enjoying the RV lifestyle. This week’s host is Kimberly Crosland. Let’s settle in and enjoy the RV Entrepreneur podcast brought to you by RV Life.

KIMBERLY CROSSLAND: Welcome back to the RV Life Entrepreneur podcast. I am your host for this week, Kimberly Crosland, and I am so excited to be bringing you my guest this week. Coming your way is Coach Jackie. Coach Jackie and I met actually at the RV Entrepreneur Roundtable back in Montrose, Colorado in 2022, and we’ve kept in touch since then. She has such a great mind for helping others really hold up the mirror and see themselves, see their gifts, see their talents, and after they’ve seen them translating that into building a business coach, Jackie is a full time RV, or she truly practices what she preaches and she is quote unquote your freedom mentor as you’re going to hear her say. I absolutely love that tagline for herself because that’s what she does. She is so, so good at it. So sit back, grab a notebook, a cup of coffee or tea. You’re going to want to take notes for this episode and you’re absolutely going to feel inspired at the end of it. But first, here’s a short break to hear from our sponsors who make this show possible.

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KIMBERLY: Hello and welcome back to the RV Life Entrepreneur podcast. Thank you for joining me, Coach Jackie. I am so excited to actually sit down and have a conversation with you because we’ve met in person. We actually connected at the RV Life Roundtable last year in Montrose, Colorado, and we’ve stayed in contact and you’ve got just so many nuggets of wisdom to share that I’m thrilled that you are here today. So before I get too deep into that, I just would love for you to introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about who Coach Jackie is.

COACH JACKIE: Awesome. First, I want to say thank you for having me. I was impressed since day one that I met you at the RV Entrepreneur Summit, and I just love that. And I can’t believe it’s it’s almost a year now since it’s been that. Right? So I’m Coach Jackie. I’m your freedom mentor. Being the freedom mentor, I’m passionate about helping people create that life of freedom, whether it’s time, freedom, money, freedom, location, freedom. But it all stems from that internal self love, freedom of really just owning who you are. I go, I talk about awakening, empowering, and owning who you are. And when you get to that place, life gets so much easier and you get to create that freedom, life that you truly desire. And I’m a full time arvier I’ve been doing it for two years and I don’t know if it’s ever going to stop.

KIMBERLY: I love that so much because not only do you talk the talk, but you absolutely walk the walk with not just living with a freedom mindset, but then also the freedom filled lifestyle, like you were just all about the freedom. And yet, Coach Jackie, whenever I talk to you, I feel like you have things just so buttoned up and you make life look so effortless in a way. And I know that that’s not true. I know. I mean, we’re human. There are things that pop up all the time, but you make it look and feel so easy, which is something that I really and truly admire about you. So walk me back because you said you’ve been arguing for two years. Talk to me about what got you on the road in the first place.

JACKIE: So it’s funny because a lot of people ask when I talk about freedom, life, you have to move into an RV and be full time. I’m like, No, that’s a version of freedom Life. That’s what I’ve decided to do. But what kicked this off was right before Covid, my now husband, my boyfriend at the time, we were like, We want to travel. So we had all these trips planned to like Europe and we just did an Ireland trip right before Covid. We’re like, Oh, we love this. We love travel. We had a whole vision board, you know, on the wall with all the different places that you’re going to be and we were going to be. And then Covid hit and we’re like, okay, how can we pivot this like travel lifestyle? So we started looking at tiny homes. Well, tiny homes are a pain to kind of move around. And then we looked at RVs and we got addicted to RV America, I think that’s the name of the show. There’s like a series. And we just watched it over and over and every series we’re like, Oh, we like that, Oh, we like that. And then when they started opening up RV, places were like, Let’s just go Look, I’m not saying we’re going to buy, but let’s just go look and you know what happens from there. So we sat in the RVs we like would recline the recliner. We would stand on the porch, we would do the things because I have a side porch unit and I fell in love with that aspect. And so eventually we were like, All right, let’s do this. And his last kid was going out on his own into the military, and he went into the Marines and and then we bought the unit and a year later we went full time. And the rest has been lots of history.

KIMBERLY: Gosh, that’s so funny you say that because there was just a side note A few weeks ago, my husband and I found ourselves with an impromptu opportunity for a date day. And what did we do? We went and just looked at RVs. We just did the same thing. We went and we just checked out the inside, sat down and some just for fun. We didn’t buy. We have one, obviously, but it’s just always so fun to go and explore. And I love that that attitude and that ability to just be like, You know what? Let’s just see what happens. You never know what’s going to happen. And that’s kind of the fun part about this. So you started Irvine after watching RV Across America or whatever that show was, and now you are earning money from the road. How are you doing that? What does your work life look like? The entrepreneur side of things, you know?

JACKIE: So what’s what’s so crazy is I come from 30 years of the restaurant industry. I went I went to college to be a teacher. And after one year of teaching, I was like, No, I cannot do this for a lifetime. God bless the teachers. If you’re a teacher and listening, I give you so much credit. But I couldn’t do it. And I and then I got sucked into in a good way the restaurant industry. So I ended up traveling the country for a bit with it. And what I loved about it was the mentorship and the the helping people with that gift of belief. I promoted over 300 people in that industry and companies like Starbucks, Outback Potbelly, larger corporations, and I loved it. It was long hours. It was seven days a week, sometimes nights, weekends, all the things. And people would ask me all the time, like, Why do you still do it? And I was like, Because I love the mentorship of people. And in 2018, I well, 2016, I switched jobs into a corporate office position, which is like, you know me now, right? I’m a full time RV. Or can you imagine me behind the desk in a corporate office? It’s like an animal in a cage. And it was very much kind of putting that circle into the. Where circle peg into the square hole for two years. And I didn’t understand why did I have so much resistance and why was it such a hard thing to do? Because I wasn’t in my magic anymore and I wasn’t free.

JACKIE: I was locked behind. But I did a lot of travel for my for that 30 years. And I always created ways to be more free in my jobs. But I still was being told I could only make this much money. I can only take this much time off. I mean, two weeks a year, maybe all that stuff. I only went and traveled when they needed me to travel, to go open new locations and stuff like that. But when it came to my own vacations, that didn’t really happen often. So to tie that up in 2018, I met this world called Coaching. And I don’t know about you, but I knew nothing about coaching. I was like, football coach, soccer coach, you know, I knew nothing about this world of life and business and all this other I call it my the magical world of coaching, in my opinion. And it opened my eyes. So I started taking some schooling for it. And the reason why I tell you this story is because this is what catapulted me into my own business, which gave me the opportunity to go RV living. And so I took the coaching schooling. But then two months after that, my job fired me. And when they let me go, which is crazy because you’d think it’d be a really tough day, it was actually the best day of my life because I wouldn’t have left the industry that I knew so well.

JACKIE: And we get stuck in the zone of staying where it is that we’re familiar and we know and I’ve just been doing that for so long, but it gave me when they fired me and I actually saw the possibility of having my own coaching business, it gave me the way to go, Huh? Wait a second, this is my time. And so that was 2018 and then 2019, I really kicked off the business. And when it came to the time frame of choosing RV, living like I could because I was completely free from any time restrictions, I was free from any like ability to make money. I could go anywhere I wanted to go. And what’s really funny is my husband’s not the technology behind the computer. People, you know, to do this would like drive him bonkers. But he Ubers and Lyfts across the country and just turns it on. And so to that point, as we get to we talked about pivoting in one of our conversations and like there’s so much opportunity that we can create that gives that gives us the ability to make money on the road like we do. And the coaching business was created before I went on the road, but it gave me the opportunity to go on the road.

KIMBERLY: Yeah, gosh, there’s so much goodness in that story because people have, I have found, will often just get trapped into this mindset of worry and hesitation and fear because they’re not doing what you’re supposed to have been always doing. Like you’re not doing the traditional you’re not doing what you were told to be doing. And I love how you said it, that it was almost a blessing that you got let go from your job when you were let go. You had that feeling of freedom and it’s like this weight is lifted off your shoulders and now look at you. You’ve stepped into somewhere where you absolutely belong. You absolutely have come into yourself to your fullness, to us. Use that into your magic. But that doesn’t come without change. So if somebody is right now listening to this and thinking, I am stuck right now and I am stuck in that job and they’re probably not going to be letting me go, but how do I escape that? How do I move through that fear, that hesitation, that self-doubt that, you know, all the things that you’re wrestling in your head, which we all do, by the way. It’s a totally normal conversation to be having with yourself. But how do you move through that and go into that ability to make this important change for yourself? Whatever it looks like, going full time on the road or not going full time or, you know, either driving Uber and Lyft or working as a as coach. Jackie As your family does, what does that look like to move through that fear? And what advice do you have for people who are in that state right now?

JACKIE: That’s an amazing question because what I figured out and I did a course on this, that there’s five things that we need to make that transition because it is scary. And I and don’t get me wrong, like I wasn’t ready to jump into my own business two months into my coaching schooling. Like I was like, I have no clue what I’m doing. Like what? But I just knew at that point, for me, it was my time. And so first is a vision. Like you have to let yourself explore the possibilities of what’s out there and give yourself the opportunity to dream and vision and expand what it is where you are today. Where we are today was created from everything that we thought, believed, who we believed our identity was all the way up to everything. Today that you’ve experienced was created from everything previous to today. So if you want to experience a different future, you got to input different material and different dreams, goals, visions, possibilities, opportunities. And I call it the vision. But I got to tell you, when you’re starting this journey, like the vision was hard for me. I was like, um, and until I put myself in places where I could see the possibility. So, for example, I went to an event where other people had their own coaching business and they other people were talking about what they’ve created.

JACKIE: And I was like, Well, if they can do it, I can do it. But if I didn’t put myself in that place, then I didn’t see the opportunity. And when we’re so conditioned to the to the predictable life that we live, we don’t open ourselves to the possibilities. And so that’s what I love. It’s one of my favorite things to do in all the work that I do is expanding someone’s vision and helping them see what they cannot see so that they can. Then the brain can only function on the known. When you can make that vision something that’s possible and known to the brain, the brain can then go, okay, I’m going to find every way to make this possible for you, but not until you create that vision story and bring it into today. Because normally we live on the past. We can’t change, right? Or the future worries. And what’s crazy, Kimberly, is that we can create such really crystal clear pictures of our worries to the point where our body even feels it. And yet we’re not willing to go to the future desires and vision. And we don’t we don’t know how. We’re not programmed in this world to go to the visions and desires.

JACKIE: Both of those can be brought into the present. So I don’t know about you, but I think it’s way more fun to bring your vision of what you desire and what you want to experience and live in that today versus your future. Worries that haven’t happened yet, but we make them so real then. Then we wonder why they come into fruition into our life. Because we created it because of what we think and what we. So the first step is the vision. The vision part is so huge. And then there’s four other things of creating the belief system around that vision, creating the mindset around that vision, looking at the financial plan of what that vision is. So the financial exit plan. So for example, I’ve had some people just jump like I did, by the way, I did apply for jobs and I did do what I was supposed to do, and I got people that gave me jobs and I said, No, because I kept going, No, it’s my time. Like, no, I’m taking this risk. No, it’s and any risk is temporary. You can always start over. Like you can always go, okay, we can always do it again. So I’m all about taking the risk.

KIMBERLY: I love, by the way, just really fast. When you were when you were just saying I did what I was supposed to do. For those of you who can’t see Coach Jackie, she did air quotes like, did what I was supposed to do in air quotes, which is so I love I wanted to just kind of highlight that for a second because that is really important and we all kind of feel like, well, I guess I’m just going to do what I’m supposed to do. I guess I’m just going to go and apply for more jobs because when the going gets tough, that feels like the default. So didn’t mean to cut you off, but I loved how you did the air quotes around that and I thought it was a visual that I wanted to bring in. So keep going.

JACKIE: I love that. Thank you. I don’t even realize I do some things that I do. So thank you. It’s so automatic because I feel like we get again. Our brain is only trying to keep us safe. So when we do what we should be doing, that’s what we believe is safe. And it’s totally understandable. I mean, we are human and we have spiritual beings and all this stuff, but we go for what we know and what we should be doing is what we know. Get the benefits, get the health insurance, you know, get the 401. K, do the thing and have this golden handcuffs, which I believe it is, because it’s safe and secure. And when in reality, like now that I know the other side and I know the possibility and I’ve built what I’ve built, like I have the control over all of that. Like I get to control how much money I make. I get to control where I live. I get to control how much time I take off and all that stuff. So I don’t the shoulds we got to stop shooting on ourselves. I mean, really. But okay, so back to the five things. After the vision from the vision, you create a belief system and a mindset around what that vision is. And then there’s the financial plan, which is the number one thing that people want to say is the reason why they’re not taking the risk.

JACKIE: But it’s really the belief in self behind the financial. And we get to create a financial plan for somebody. So, for example, I’ve got some folks. Folks who were in full time great positions. They’ve increased their income. They’ve increased their time off. They’ve they’ve gone completely remote. Right. And they still want to leave and do their own business. But what they’re building is a financial plan to make the leap. For me, I subconsciously didn’t realize this was going to happen. I think I knew this was going to happen for me, but I didn’t know until it happened. So I had some savings. I had paid off my debt. I had some like stock in the background that I didn’t didn’t never touched and stuff like that. So I had some things I could tap into during the transition of I don’t have a job and I’m building a business because it doesn’t happen overnight. Like you don’t don’t believe any of the hype of like, I can show you how to make $10,000 tomorrow. And I’m like, okay. Yes. And that’s 20% strategy, 80% between these two ears. And if this hasn’t been worked on, you ain’t going to do nothing. So and so when you wrap up, I call it the roadmap to freedom. The last piece of it is getting the right support, because every stage of your transition, like now transition, once you have the business later on when you’re in the business, support looks different.

JACKIE: And the support for me happened to be a one on one coach. And then I had a group program as well, so I did both of those. Like there’s a schooling I did to get mastery training and transformational coaching training, but I had a one on one coach and if it wasn’t for that one on one in the beginning, it would have taken me a lot longer to build what I built because I went to her. I said, okay, teach me how to build a business because she had the business I wanted. And she’s like, okay. And she giggled a little bit and I’m like, Why is she laughing at me? But I was like, Whatever. What I realized like nine months later was that she cracked me open like a walnut and I was like, I had all this, like, healing and like, like learning about myself and being with myself and. And trusting myself and believing in myself. And all of that was like, had to happen first. Had to happen while I was trying to learn how to build a business without that piece. Like you can learn all the strategy in the world, but you ain’t going to do it if you’re stuck in your head and you won’t take action.

KIMBERLY: It’s so important. And that that I do. I fully agree with you. And you absolutely hit the nail on the head there. I can’t tell you how many times people have come to me and said the same thing. Tell me how to build a business. And I’m like, you can have all the roadmaps in the world and some roadmaps. I mean, it’s a great starting off point, but you can have the one, two, three steps to building the business. Go and get your website, go and get your social. I mean, things like that. But until you understand yourself behind it, you know, heal what’s inside and really understand why am I doing this and how is this going to really play out and have that that desire inside of you, that vision? As you said, it’s going to be so much harder to actually take those steps and to go through the tactical side of things. I truly, truly believe what you said is true. I truly believe what you said, that 20% of that is what you’re supposed to be doing. Quote unquote, supposed to be doing is really between the ears. I mean, yes, they can give you those. Here’s how you make $10,000 overnight, which is a bunch of baloney. We all know it. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s not and not everyone should be doing the same thing. There’s just so much underneath that message in and of itself.

KIMBERLY: But like you said, so much is between our ears. And until we can work on that, work on our self, we’re not going to find that freedom, which is what you coach Jackie, help people do is to find that freedom. You are the freedom mentor, like you said. So one of the things that we’ve talked about prior to hitting record on here and I wanted to bring it onto the podcast, was something you said was to embrace your vision fully so that it feels easy. We can talk about vision, we can talk about working through this. And as I hear you talking, I sometimes it can feel a little bit daunting to some people who know that they’ve been through a lot. They’re wrestling with imposter syndrome, which just is such a bummer for so many people. I’ve I’ve wrestled with it. I know everyone that I’ve talked to that’s in the entrepreneurial space has wrestled with it at some point. But when you think about it feeling easy, that kind of goes against what I think of when I when I think of doing this deeper work. And so I love that you said that it can feel easy. Can you kind of expand on what this art of constant change and also having that art of constant change feel easy and approachable because you’re really, really good at that.

JACKIE: So you just said something that reminded me of another way to look at imposter syndrome. And I heard this. I can’t remember who I heard it from. I’d love to give him credit, but we hear so much from all these amazing mentors. And then it all just kind of becomes our own. And by the way, when you’re going to create something like Nothing’s new, so don’t feel like someone else has done this or like someone else does this. No one can do it your way. No matter what you decide to do. You are the only person who can be the expert at being you. And most of what you create an entrepreneur land is wrapped around who you are and experiences you’ve had and all of your gifts and no one to repeat that. No one can be you and you are the only person who could be the expert at being you. So that’s one thing that creates imposter syndrome, like, Oh, I’ve got to be the expert and I’ve got to show a lot of value and I’ve got to be this perfection version of whatever it is that you think that you have to be. In reality, you just got to be you. You just got to be the best version of you. And that’s where the inner work helps it become easier. When you do that inner work, it becomes easier owning who you are. And that’s like that third pillar the awakened, empower and own The Vision Awakens. I got to tell you, there’s a lot of versions of us inside that are dying to come out and play. And she or he, whoever’s listening to this, like let them come out and play.

JACKIE: And once they come out and play, they’re here to stay. And then you get to empower whatever it is that comes out to play and then you get to own that. But the easy part comes from the realization that any thought pattern or belief that we have today that has served us in some capacity. So when I realized every single one of them has a positive intention behind it. So, you know, sometimes we can beat ourselves up for like not doing the thing and not being consistent and all these other things. Well, if you’re not consistent on doing something procrastination, whatever you want to call it, it is really just a protective mechanism for you to not hit failure, not feel the failure of things, the rejection, the unworthiness or this and that. And so if we can recognize, okay, now I understand why I do that. It’s because everything comes back to love, safety and belonging. And so whatever your brain can do to keep you safe, keep you loved, and keep you belonging based on what it knows it’s going to do. But here’s the cool part is that you get to input new data just like a new operating system. Not that I’m a computer expert, but the new operating system. You put in new information. That’s why the vision and the awakening is so important because now when that comes up, you go, Huh? Does that serve me? So let’s say the thought is Facebook Live is a big one for people sometimes, like, I can’t go Facebook Live or get on a video because like, I have to have the perfect lighting.

JACKIE: I have to have know exactly what I’m going to say. I’ve got to have whatever it is like. And why is that? Because they fear the judgment on the other side, people not liking them, rejection like all the other things. Okay. Does that maybe protected you in some sense? Someone hurt you in the past? Okay, great. But if you go for it and you go live, what else is possible? Well, the person on the other side of the screen gets to change their life because they heard you say something that could change their life. Someone on the other side like says, Wow, that was amazing. Like, you are amazing at what you do and you get the reboost of what it is that you want. Whatever it is like you step into the possibility of what it is that could be instead. And then it changes your thought pattern. So what else is possible? Okay, this is possible that they could hate me, all this other stuff. But what else is possible? And what serves you as the woman or man that you are today that you want to become What serves that woman, that man, which thought so. Now you’ve got both. You’ve got the old one and the new one, but which one serves where you’re going? And I know it sounds so like what that can’t It’s easier said than done. Well, it really is. But you have to make a decision that it’s important enough for you to go for what it is and change the thought to what it is.

JACKIE: And then the brain goes, okay, I’m going to find every reason why Facebook lives can serve her and serve her population and the person on the other side of the screen and make an impact and change the world and and all that other stuff. And I got to tell you, I will go on Facebook live no matter. I mean, I’ll go on things with no script, no nothing, walking my dogs, picking up dog poop. And I just know that whatever it is I have to share can change someone’s life. And it’s not about me. I make it about them. So that’s a whole nother topic. But the last thing too, is imposter syndrome. When we talked about that, if you have imposter syndrome, here’s another way to look at it. A different way. Perspective. That means you feel there’s something else that you desire to be. And that’s amazing because when you have an imposter syndrome, that means you feel the imposter to what it is you desire to be. That means you have a desire to be something else. So I’m celebrating you when you have imposter syndrome because that means you desire to be something else. If you have a desire, you’re meant to have it. It’s from up above. So honor that, celebrate that and go, okay, great. If I think I’m an imposter to what it is that I desire, what do I have to think to be that? What do I have to believe to be that? How do I have to think, believe, act, all that other stuff to be that?

KIMBERLY: That’s so good. And it really does. No, I love your passion and I can feel it coming through and you talking and that’s just one of your gifts is because you get people fired up about this and think, heck, yes, I can do this. Yeah, I can. I’m not an imposter. I am an imposter, but in a good way. And let me celebrate that. And I think it’s so, so, so good. I also love how you said this is really like whatever we’re putting into the soundtrack of our mind, that’s what we’re going to believe. And so we have to really look at what is playing on repeat in our mind because I mean, I’m human and I’ve done this myself plenty of times. I’ll get some kind of constructive criticism or negative feedback, and I get into that trap of, oh my gosh, I’m not good enough and they don’t like me. And, you know, you just start to, like swirl really, really quickly. And so just like you said, if you can hit that stop button and say, hold on, I love how you said it is this We all want love, safety and belonging. And does this serve me and does this serve the people that I want to serve, that I’m here to serve, that I’m meant to serve going forward? If I were to just fall into that trap of believing one person, one voice, that maybe I’m not meant to serve and maybe they’re not for me and that’s okay too.

KIMBERLY: And we can just kind of like, let that go. All that weight comes off of your shoulders and then it does it does start to feel really easy. So I love how you said that. I wanted to wrap up our conversation with specifically something that we can plant in between our ears after we listen to you. Coach Jackie, what can we take with us a little nugget that we can use as not just all the little nuggets you just dropped on us because there’s a ton there and I’m going to put them all in the show notes so you guys can come back to them and, and look more at Coach Jackie and then find her and follow her for even more inspiration. But before we do that, is there a mantra that you kind of take with you as you move through life and just something to when that soundtrack kind of starts going off on the wrong course? How can we reshape it? What can we remind ourselves of every single day of like, Oh, hold on. This is actually really good and it can be easy and fun and freedom filled.

JACKIE: Yes, I live by the saying everything works out for me. I live by it. And there’s two sayings. Everything works out for me. And what would love do? And I actually have the what would love do tattooed on my wrist. And now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve never wanted a tattoo until I heard that statement. What would love do? And then I ran to the place and I like my friends, like, we got to go get it, get it as a tattoo. And I was like, okay. And I was like, Oh, cool. But now the other one is Everything works out for me. Everything from like, I’ll give you a funny example for that going through the airport. How many times have you felt like nothing’s working out at the airport? Like everything’s taking forever. You can’t get through security and you’re like 20 minutes till your flight or this and that. So I’m the type of person that always gets to things like two hours early. So it’s like, I don’t have to like everything works out for me, but I give myself plenty of room for it to work out well. There’s times where I went Uber to the wrong airport and now I’ve got to go to another airport and now I’m only like 20 minutes and I’m like, I literally chant to myself, Kimberly, As I’m walking, everything works out for me.

JACKIE: Everything’s works out for me. And every time I get on the flight, I get on the thing to the point where they’re like, We’re shutting the doors. And then like, the doors are open. And then I walk in and they shut behind me. And so in any moment of if you’ve ever heard of the thought model, there’s a circumstance that we’re going through in life, and that’s the fact of the circumstance. What creates the thoughts and feelings in our life like we’re feeling at the moment And we’re thinking our thoughts create our feelings which create our actions and our results in life. The meaning you put to that circumstance, aka the airport. I’m running late. Oh my gosh, this going to be a disaster. I’m never going to make my flight or my thoughts. And I’m like, Now I’m sick as a dog. Now I’m going to be late for my meeting, late for the place I’m supposed to be, right? Or I can take that circumstance and go, Everything works out for me and I feel easy breezy and I walk through and I trust and I surrender. And I just know everything’s going to work out exactly the way it’s meant to work out for me. And the actions I take is like I breathe better, calmer, and I’m friendly and I’m smiling through the airport.

JACKIE: And then the result is everything works out for me. And I get on the plane and I get on time and everything’s perfect. But which choice? Like, which way could I have gone? Right? I could go down the like everything’s a disaster or I can go down the everything works out for me. And so that’s why I live by that one because it literally, literally works. And sometimes I will be honest. We talked about this previous in the pivot and the changing. Sometimes the everything work out works out for me. Is dropping $7,000 on your RV to fix all the brakes because you realize your RV has no brakes. But you wouldn’t have realized the RV doesn’t have any brakes if the hitch didn’t bust. So there’s all these like things we go, Why did that happen? Oh, my gosh, why did it happen? But if this if this original thing didn’t happen, we could have been in a way worse situation because they would have never found that our RV didn’t have any brakes. And now I’m driving Vail Mountains in Colorado. We would have never made this drive. So that’s like a most recent story of like, everything works out for us and we have to just trust.

KIMBERLY: Yes. Oh, that’s so good. And something we can all take with us, especially when we’re feeling that spiral and that weight. And you can feel your shoulders tense up. Like you said, there’s that somatic effect of hold on, everything works out for me. It’ll be okay. And like you said, just trust. So good. Yes, deep breaths. Work through it. It’s good. It’s all going to work out. And I love that. Thank you so much. I know that everyone listening is going to want to get more from you, listen more, you know, just soak up all of your goodness because you’ve got so much to share. So where can they find you?

JACKIE: At my website is Jackie Cote coaching and that has everything from my blog to any of my services, a free 30 minute connect call. If you want to get on a call and talk more about any of the stuff that we talked about and the thing today. But the place that I really feel is like a digital diary of me and my life. And I know you’ve seen this is my Facebook. If you want to jump on Facebook and be friends, message me that you met me through this podcast because I’d love to shout out Kimberly and the great work that she does as well. But Facebook, it’s like everything from my travels to my life to my ups, my downs, my business, everything goes on there. And I think that’s just the channel that flows through me easy. And I have all the other platforms and yes, all my stuff is on the other platforms, but that’s my main like main digital diary where you can learn my vibe and get to know me and then my website.

KIMBERLY: Yeah. And when you do go connect with Jackie, as I believe that you should, you will see that everything that she has talked about today in this podcast, she displays you, Jackie, you coach Jackie, you display through your life. Because I saw that story about the airplane and you and you said it. You put it in your post that that’s how you reminded yourself everything works out for me. You you live by example. That’s absolutely what I admire about you. And I’m just so grateful that you came on with us and took some time to share these little gems because they are so helpful, so valuable. And I know that this is an episode that people are going to want to come back to time and again just to feel re-inspired when we start to feel that weight of the world on our shoulders or we’re confused or we’re not sure there’s so much here. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being here. And I’m just so grateful. Thank you again to Coach Jackie for being here. I feel so inspired every single time I talk to her. She is just such a breath of fresh air, such a light in this world and she had so many good things to share with us on this episode. To recap, because I know that that all went really, really quickly.

KIMBERLY: Here’s what I’m remembering from this episode and what really stuck out to me. First of all, she is talking about finding your magic and creating ways to be more free in your work. I love how she’s digging into what works for you, what’s easy for you, because that’s going to be different for everybody. One thing that’s easy for me is writing, but what might be easy for somebody else. Maybe it’s you is podcasting or vlogging. But the secret here is to find your own magic, to find what works best for you. I also love the five steps that she gave to us. First of all, to give yourself that opportunity to expand your vision, surround yourself with others, and really network in a way that’s going to help you feel like this is possible. Expand what you believe is possible, then believe it. Create that belief system, build that mindset around that belief system, and then you can start really looking at that financial plan to make this leap into entrepreneurship and especially entrepreneurship that honors that lifestyle. Ultimately, it’s important to get support, and even though you can start a business where nobody can do it the way that you do it, it’s still so helpful to have that supporting ear around you when things get tough or feel hard, or maybe you just feel the weight on your shoulders and you need that little reminder that things are going to be okay.

KIMBERLY: Or as Coach Jackie says, everything will work out. Everything works out for me. Let that be your mantra. I love that. That’s my big takeaway. That’s what I’m going to say to myself when things start to get a little bit hard. I would love to now hear your take away what is the big Aha moment that you had from this episode? What’s something that maybe you wrote down and you highlighted with a highlighter that you’re going to be coming back to? Come and share that with us in the Entrepreneur Facebook group. We love to hear from our listeners. We love to hear from you, the person on the other side of the speaker, because you are the ones that make this all worthwhile. It’s because of you listening that we want to continue to show up every single week. So please come share those little tidbits that you get from our episode. We absolutely love to hear from you and connect with you and really get to know you between the episodes. So I can’t wait to continue this conversation over there. Definitely check out those show notes. Go follow Coach Jackie on Facebook. Look at her website. You will be so glad that you did.

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