Christina Gambino

American Ninja Warrior

Christina Gambino is a Serial Entrepreneur & American Ninja Warrior. She first founded Jumptwist.com in 2010, which provides music, movement and motivation to gymnasts, dancers and kids all over the world. Her experience starting and scaling her first business led her to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses and become leaders in their industries through business consulting. Christina is preparing for her third season on American Ninja Warrior as she trains throughout the country living full-time out of her Winnebago. She speaks at schools, graduations, and seminars sharing her story and motivation empowering people to attack their potential.

You can hear Christina on our latest podcast episode. Heath has interviewed a lot of amazing people on the podcast, but I’ve NEVER seen Heath so pumped as he was after he hung up with Christina! He immediately told me that we HAD to have her speak at our Summit this spring.

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