RV Entrepreneur Expo

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As the RV Entrepreneur Summit enters its fourth year, we’re so excited to announce a new experience: The RV Entrepreneur Expo.

The RVE Expo is designed to connect innovative RV companies directly with our audience of traveling entrepreneurs. 

Why We’re Creating an Expo

The RVE community represents a growing niche within the travel community of people who are working remotely. Being an RV entrepreneur starts with finding a home on wheels that fits the lifestyle and there’s nothing we love more than finding innovative ways to make an RV feel like home (i.e hacking together internet set ups, solar, mobile workspaces, etc).

At the 2018 RVE Summit, we invited Winnebago, our headline sponsor for all four events, to set up an onsite “lab”. This lab experience was a way to let attendees test and try different aspects of a Winnebago coach. More importantly, it was their chance for their voice to be heard by a major manufacturer. Attendees signed up for a time slot to tour the Winnebago rig and sit down with product planners.

Because this was an experiment, we weren’t sure what to expect from the Winnebago Lab. However, every single slot filled up as soon as we printed the sign-up sheets with others hovering outside the doors of the rig hoping to sneak a peek in between sessions. All of our attendees were not only open to sharing their ideas with the product planners, but excited to see a company willing to listen to consumers and make changes.

Over the course of two days, the Winnebago team took notes and jotted down ideas for ways to improve the working space inside of RVs, as well as a number of other improvements. 

Several months later, a small group from the RVE community toured Winnebago’s factory and were shown never-seen-before modifications, such as the dinette table that converts to a standing desk and a bunk bed floorplan replaced with an office space. These suggestions and feedback came directly from RVE attendees.

It was during this process we realized that we could use the RVE Summit not only as an event to empower RV entrepreneurs, but also to improve some of the products and services that make RV life possible. This led us to create an open house experience all attendees could experience.

Enter: The 2020 RV Entrepreneur Expo 

The RVE Expo will take place on Thursday—the first official day of RVE Summit.

We’ve blocked off a section of the campground at Lake Guntersville just for this experience. During this time attendees can come by your site, visit with you, and check out your product.

Our goal is for you to not only connect with our attendees as potential customers, but to get valuable product feedback from users and also find potential brand ambassadors.

After the RV Entrepreneur Expo on Thursday, we’d love for you to stick around for the remainder of the weekend to experience the full conference.

Why Sign Up for the RV Entrepreneur Expo?

RVE Summit is a much smaller event than traditional RV shows and industry events. However, we believe we have several benefits to offer RV companies in which other events do not. Here are a few of the reasons why to exhibit at RVE Summit 2020:

1. Connect with a growing community of RV Entrepreneurs. Our attendees represent a growing community of travelers and digital nomads. They hack together office setups, experiment with wifi solutions and come up with unique ideas for how to improve the entire RV experience. By exhibiting at the RVE Summit you’re able to get up close and engage with your customers.

2. Share your company’s products or service in an intimate setting. RVers and van-lifers want to buy from companies who actively participate in the community and show they care. Not only is this a chance to connect with potential buyers, but talk with customers in a low key setting to improve your overall product. 

3. Find content creators for your brand. If you have an adventure or outdoor brand, our conference attracts a highly curated community of bloggers, videographers, and podcasters. By attending the RVE Summit you have a unique opportunity to build relationships with attendees who can create authentic content for your brand.

What’s included in the RVE Expo?

> An RV Expo site at Lake Guntersville State Park Campground from Thursday – Sunday to display a set up at your RV. These RV sites have 30 AMP power and water hook ups, if needed. 

> Dedicated time to share your product with our 400 attendees on Thursday (12-6 PM) for attendees to filter in and out of RV displays or check out product displays. We’ll book your RV site for the full weekend so you can invite attendees to your display at any time, but this specific time will be on conference schedules and communicated to attendees before arrival.

> Exclusive dinner on Friday night with speakers and sponsors. This will be an opportunity to connect and visit with all of the other exhibitors, sponsors and speakers who are coming to RVE 2020.

2 tickets to attend RVE Summit for your team. As part of being an exhibitor, you will receive 2 tickets to all of the main stage talks, workshops, meet ups and opening/closing parties at RVE Summit. This is a great time to be able to connect with our attendees outside of the Expo.

> Company logo and information displayed on RVE Summit website.

RV Entrepreneur Expo Details

Where: Guntersville State Park
When: Thursday, March 19th, 2020 (conference officially kicks off on Thursday and ends Sunday, March 22nd)
What: A first-ever expo experience bringing together select companies to highlight new & innovative products in the RV, van, and outdoor industry. 
> Cost: $2,500


Can I sell a product on-site?

Because we’re hosting RVE Summit inside of a state park, we are not permitted to sell anything on site. However, we know from previous year’s sponsors that after RVE many of our attendees will go and buy their product. You’re more than welcome to offer a discount code to attendees.

What companies can apply to become an exhibitor?

We’re looking for companies who are working on innovative solutions for the RV industry. For example, this could include manufacturers, companies focused on improving RV internet, software businesses creating solutions for travelers, and other companies focused on serving and listening to RVers. 

Do I have to display an RV?

No, however, since we will be at a campground it would be ideal for attendees (even if your product is not a van or RV). Even if you don’t have an RV to set up, we will still have an RV site where you can set up. Sites themselves are gravel surrounded by grassy areas. 

Who Attends RVE Summit?

Our attendees are a mixture of creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and content creators. Some of our attendees are full-time RVers and others are still in the dreaming phase of hitting the road. What our attendees have in common is a mutual love of travel, RV life and building a business that allows them to travel and do what they love.

→ 400 total attendees
→ Interested in creating businesses around a large number of areas that include: photography, software, blogging, consulting, health and wellness, digital marketing, Amazon and more.
→  In addition to their business, the majority of our attendees and speakers are creating and sharing content on Youtube, blogs, Facebook, and other social platforms. 
→  Audience reach on social media and email lists from our collective attendees and speakers last year was over 500k within the RV/travel community.
→ 50% full-time RVers & 50% either part-time RVing or planning to buy an RV within the next year.
→  Age range from 20 – 70 years old (average age: 45)
→  55% female, 45% male

What will a set up look like at the campground?

Lake Guntersville State Park campground is a large 300 site campground that sits next to a lake. We’ve blocked off a specific area of the campground for the RV Entrepreneur Expo to take place on Thursday. Below are a couple photos from RVs set up last year in the park.

What’s the difference between presenting at the Expo & being an RVE Summit sponsor?

We believe there’s a lot of value in being an exhibitor or sponsor (or both, as our top two sponsorship levels include an Expo site). However, there are a few key benefits our sponsors will receive that exhbitors will not—including time to share their message on stage, signage around the conference, promotion in our livestream, online communication and more.

If you’re interested in being both an exhibitor and RVE sponsor, you can learn more on our sponsorships page here.

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