The RV Entrepreneur Workshop: Save the Date!

The RV Entrepreneur Summit survey results suggest increasing demand for another community gathering and conference. As a result, new live events are now in the works. Save the date for The RV Entrepreneur Workshop 2024 at the Hershey RV Show. Then, stay tuned for details as the next multi-day RVE Summit takes shape.

The RV Entrepreneur community has spoken. The feedback from our recent survey is loud and clear. You want to get together again with your fellow nomads working remotely from their rigs. You want to share stories, and learn from the experience of others. You’re interested in co-working time to meet and collaborate. And, you’d attend presentations from those creating their own empire on the road. Most importantly, you want to have fun.

That’s a lot to fit into one conference. And, that’s why you want to attend The RV Entrepreneur Workshop during the Hershey RV show next September. Then, be sure to subscribe for updates about The RV Entrepreneur Summit 2025.

RVE Workshop Hershey

Demand Calls for Multiple RV LIFE Entrepreneur Events

Social hours and networking top the list of reasons to attend* the next RV Entrepreneur Summit. There is also demand for more conference style content. The basics of running a business, especially as they pertain to nomadic ventures, are topics of interest attendees want the most. There is interest in seminars, workshops, round table discussions, group meals, and happy hour, oh my. Why crowd so much into one get-together? And where to host a single event?

The RV Entrepreneur Workshop 2024

Our next RVE Community gathering will be an all-day gathering for RVing entrepreneurs of all sorts. The RV Entrepreneur Workshop 2024 will take place on Thursday, September 12 during America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Co-working space will be open all day with internet access, plenty of coffee, and lunch service. Networking time will be followed by an agenda to be determined. Rest assured, we’ll be covering topics pertinent for any nomadic business. Discussions will focus on technology, content, marketing, and addressing the pains we all feel working from the road.

Next, attendees will participate in a live episode recording of The RV Entrepreneur podcast. Our team of hosts will field questions from the audience while live streaming to the RVE Community group on Facebook.

That evening, we have another big surprise in store for all RV LIFE fans and followers. So, please stay tuned! Subscribe to receive updates so you don’t miss any important details about ticket availability, local camping, sponsorship opportunities, and so much more to come.

Finally, with The RV Entrepreneur Workshop taking place next September, we need more time to dial in the format, content, and fun factor for The RV Entrepreneur Summit 2025.

RVE Summit

The RV Entrepreneur Summit 2025

The next multi-day educational summit and collaboration conference for The RV Entrepreneur community will likely take place the following year. The RV Entrepreneur Summit 2025 will happen at a time and place yet to be determined. It will be months after the RVE Workshop in Hershey, PA and held closer to the opposite coast. But it is going to happen. Going forward, the RV LIFE Events calendar will then include at least two major gatherings each year specifically tailored to The RVE Community.

Meanwhile, there is already discussion about “mini summits” and informal get-togethers around the country during regional RV Shows and rallies. And, we want to make sure all these events meet your needs, and expectations. So, we still have lots of feedback to review regarding the preferred location, content, and agenda.

Wanna meet up in Quartzsite? Or Tampa?

Post now in the RVE Community Group on Facebook!

2023 RVE Summit Survey Results

One thing is obvious, the next RVE Community event will be the first such gathering for many of our attendees. And, nearly 20% of you want to attend again. All of you have something you want to learn more about while you’re there. It’s also clear that we have plenty of experienced digital nomads willing to share their success stories, and actionable knowledge.

RVE Summit Survey

So, we may be asking you for some more specific feedback about The RV Entrepreneur Summit. And, we’ll certainly be contacting those of you who expressed interest in presenting. Therefore, make sure you are subscribed to receive updates from The RVE News blog

RVE Summit Survey
Why attend The RVE Summit?
RVE Summit Survey
RVE Summit Topics if Interest

Then, follow along in the The RV Entrepreneur community group on Facebook. For starters, we may be posting some polls soon to nail down the best location. Las Vegas, or Colorado, anyone?

Any questions? Drop a comment below, or send a message!

Jim Nelson