RV LIFE Relaunches The RV Entrepreneur Community Portal

We’re excited here at RV LIFE to announce the launch of your new and improved online home for The RV Entrepreneur podcast, events, and community resources. You should be too. Whether you’re a remote worker, digital nomad, established business owner, or wanderer wondering how to work from the road, this new website is all yours. And, we’re now introducing brand partners to our ever-growing audience.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to ensure you get the content and resources you need to fuel your nomadic venture potential. Sure, that may sound like some clever catchphrase. But we mean it. We’re on a mission to help you make the most of all your adventures, and business ventures.

The RV Entrepreneur

Personally, I am honored and thrilled to have been trusted with this project. This website overhaul is much more than merely an aesthetic update. First, I evaluated the existing website and considered our purpose going forward.

RV LIFE is dedicated to providing valuable and trustworthy information to the RV community. We exist to make RVing simple. We help people dream of new adventures, and build what they need to journey with confidence.


As a fellow nomadic entrepreneur myself and with our mission in mind, I designed the new mobile friendly site to meet everyone’s needs. Our original goals for The RV Entrepreneur guided my direction for this project.

At The RV LIFE Entrepreneur, three core values continue to drive our support for anyone working to support their nomadic lifestyle:

Supportive Community
Actionable Knowledge
Freedom & Fun

The RV LIFE Entrepreneur Is All About Community

I did not want to rock the boat much when giving the site a makeover. However, I did want to position The RV Entrepreneur podcast more prominently. And, I wanted to provide more resources to help fellow digital nomads and others working from anywhere. Therefore, I created the new RVE Podcast page with complete details for all listeners and any potential supporters. I added the Podcast Episodes page where anyone can quickly subscribe and listen in their favorite app. In addition, you’ll find the embedded audio, with complete show notes and full show transcripts for all episodes going forward.

RVE Podcast Hosts
Your Hosts for the RV Entrepreneur Podcast

I could not fulfill my duties as the newest podcast host without the help of my amazing co-hosts Rose and Kimberly. So, I added a section where you can get to know us all a bit better, and easily access each of our episodes. The most recent ones anyway.

The blog on the old site was never utilized. That’s about to change. We may be working on filling in the archives with transcripts of 300± past episodes for quite a while. But you will also soon be seeing more valuable content in the RVE News blog. We’ll be providing updates about the RVE Summit and other events. Soon, you’ll be seeing more tips and tricks, book and app reviews, and other content to help you on your journey. And, contributions are always welcome! Please get in touch if you have something beneficial to share.

So, subscribe here to get notified about all the latest podcast episodes and community news.

Sponsorship Opportunities for RV Brands

We’re thrilled to introduce new sponsorship opportunities exclusively tailored for the RV industry. Align your brand with The RV Entrepreneur podcast and tap into our dedicated community of nomadic professionals, adventurers, and enthusiasts. By partnering with RV LIFE, you’re not just promoting your product. You’ll connect with a passionate and engaged audience eager for RV insights and innovations. Most of our listeners are early adopters looking for the latest and greatest tools. And many are content creators with large followings.

Amplify your brand’s voice in a market that’s always on the move. RV LIFE partnership packages include much more than episode advertising. Discover our two podcasts, suite of apps, and network of 30+ popular RV websites. Join us today and be a part of The RV Entrepreneur journey.

RVE Resources
Many thanks to past RVE Podcast host, Joshua.

More RVE Community Resources to Come

To not rock the boat any more, we’ve agreed to keep the “community” engagement aspect of The RV LIFE Entrepreneur going in the the RVE Facebook Group for now. Instead, we’ll be focusing on better serving the community by expanding our community resources here. We want to help all RVE Community members succeed, and enjoy their journey. Therefore, plans include publishing more member contributed content. We just might integrate and expand upon RV LIFE Masterclass course here. Or, we may possibly develop a member services directory. But that is up to you.

What would you like to see here at The RV LIFE Entrepreneur?
Leave a comment below, or send a message.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

How We Do It

Oh, here’s one more thing I plan to implement that should help other bloggers, podcasters, content creators, and all RVE Community members. We’re introducing the How We Do It piece to many of our posts. This will provide a peek under the hood at how we maximize productivity and what technology we’re using to do it.

So… how did I complete this major overhaul project? I’ll spare you all the gory details. Check out the Colophon we added to the About page. And, stay tuned for details about AI Transcription, Buffer, IFTTT, and Zaps, oh my!

Jim Nelson

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  1. I need to know which RV sites have reliable, business class wifi. I cannot chance going somewhere and not being able to work when I need to

    • That would totally depend upon the park John. Every campground is different, but most have poor service. For reliable mobile internet everywhere, you really need to provide your own wifi. Cellular broadband plans are most popular, but redundancy is the best solution. And in areas with no cell service, satellite internet is the only other option.

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