What is RV LIFE Entrepreneur?

With The RV Entrepreneur website overhaul complete, there still may be some confusion about exactly what is RV LIFE Entrepreneur. Is it The RV Entrepreneur? Or, is it RV LIFE Entrepreneur? Well, I’ve been on the RV LIFE team as podcast co-host and website admin for a while now. So, I’m here to set the record straight. The answer is: It’s both. And, that depends on what you mean by “it”.

RV LIFE Entrepreneur

RV LIFE is an industry leader when it comes to providing the best apps and resources to make RVing simple, and worry free. We provide many helpful tools for anyone dreaming of new adventures, and building what they need to journey with confidence. And now, that includes The RV Entrepreneur.

However, The RV Entrepreneur also offers its own subset of solutions specifically tailored the those working age RVers making a living on the road. And anyone who hopes to. There is The RVE Podcast, the RVE Summit plus other events, and the RVE Community group on Facebook. In addition, we plan to provide additional RVE Resources to help entrepreneurial RVers of all sorts in the future.

So, how does all this fit into everything under under the RV LIFE roof? It fits just perfectly, in my opinion.

What Does Entrepreneur Have to Offer

The RV LIFE Network consists of more than 30 blogs and forums, including some of the most popular RV websites. In addition, there is the popular RV LIFE Podcast, with a distinctly different listening audience. Adding The RV Entreprenuer to the mix was a no-brainer. Overhauling the website and explaining everything available here was the easy part. Our biggest challenge became avoiding confusion among the podcast audience and community members.

RVLIFE Podcasts
Podcasts from the RV LIFE Network

We also don’t want to confuse the podcast apps and search algorithms. Ultimately, we decided not to change the name of the RVE podcast. As a result, that will remain The RV Entrepreneur. However, the show, our community events, and all the other RVE offerings comprise what is now RV LIFE Entrepreneur.

The RV LIFE Entrepreneur community, podcast, events, and support resources help anyone with wanderlust build what they need to journey with confidence.

— Mission Statement

RVers and other nomads who strive to earn a sustainable income while traveling full-time face specific challenges when growing a business and enjoying their RV lifestyle to the fullest. The RV LIFE Entrepreneur offerings fuel success for any nomadic venture.

So, Exactly What is RV LIFE Entrepreneur?

RV LIFE Entrepreneur Is:

  • The RV Entrepreneur Podcast
  • The RV Entrepreneur Summit
  • The RV Entrepreneur Resources
  • The RV Entrepreneur Community Forum
RV LIFE Entrepreneur

Finally, RV LIFE Entrepreneur is now a core component of the RV LIFE product portfolio encompassing the RVE Podcast, Summit, and all community resources.

The RV Entrepreneur vs. RV LIFE Entrepreneur

For consistency sake, we hope you’ll join us in using proper reference when spreading the word.

When referring to this website and everything it has to offer:

  • RV LIFE Entrepreneur

When referring to specific resources:

  • The RV Entrepreneur Podcast (or) the RVE Podcast
  • The RV Entrepreneur Summit (or) the RVE Summit
  • The RV Entrepreneur Community (or) the RVE Community
The RV Entrepreneur

The RV Entrepreneur Podcast Branding

The new RVE Podcast artwork represents leadership and our remote team of podcast hosts. It is easily distinguished from the RV LIFE Podcast. And, the branding is consistent with the existing suite of solutions from RV LIFE.

How did we do it?

In our continuing efforts to provide helpful resources and actionable information here, we’re implementing the How We Do It section for anyone interested. To complete The RV LIFE Entrepreneur rebranding project, I used the following tools:

Adobe Creative Suite: Ilustrator, Photoshop, InDesign & Acrobat
(Logo Illustration, Digital Imaging and Document Production)
(SVG Image Optimization and Compression)
Google Docs
(Organization and Project Management)

Any questions? Leave a comment or send us a message!

Jim Nelson